Dear Sir,

On Friday 12th July I visited Tesco Cafe after having undergone my last chemo on Wednesday 10th July.

I have stage 3 ovarian cancer, diagnosed in November 2017. After major surgery and chemo I went into remission for 5 months, but it then returned. I now have what is called secondary cancer (metastatic cancer) returned in the liver and bowel.

I have just completed another six rounds of strong chemotherapy when I visited Tesco.

I felt unwell in the cafe and felt as though I was about to pass out. I had my family with me and all I remember is waking up having collapsed in the chair. I then projectile vomited and apparently was unresponsive for well over 5 minutes with my eyes open.

I woke up to the Tesco staff and brilliant first aiders, including a lady called ‘Suzie’, one of Tesco’s First Aiders. They were able to assess the situation and help me immensely.

They also realised that I did not want to leave with my clothes full of vomit and so the Tesco staff very kindly got me brand new clean clothing for me to wear.

It must have been scary for other customers and I apologise if I caused alarm, but more importantly I would like to thank the staff of Tesco.

Thank you