A fresh season of racing commenced for Scarlet Whitaker Dunn at Teesside Autodrome on the weekend of 23rd/24th March for Round One of the Teesside Karting Sprint Series.

Scarlet was again competing in the highly competitive Honda Cadet 200cc class.
After qualifying 11th, out of 30 competitors from all over the country. Scarlet was disappointed to get poor starts in both race heats 1 and 2, after she struggling to get away from the grid losing places, despite her best efforts.
In her final race of the day she managed to get away well, only to be caught up in an incident where three fellow competitors had a coming together resulting in one of them being sent spinning into her path giving her nowhere to go other than to hit the other kart.
Scarlet rejoined the race and had a great recovery drive making back eight of her lost places, but her race was already spoilt.
“Scarlet drove very well all weekend and learnt so much moving forward to the next race,” said Mam. I’m eminently pleased with how the qualifying went and have learnt a huge amount during the weekend and am pleased with how it went,” said Scarlet.
2024 Race Dates – Teesside (9 rounds)
March 23rd-24th, April 27th-28th, June 22nd-23rd, July 26th-27th-28th, August 24th-25th, September 21st-22nd and October 25th-26th-27th.
We would like to thank Amaron Racing, PHM (Peninsula Historic Motorsport), Grandad Ron and Rob Storey for their generous assistance and financial support making this possible.
To support Scarlet in her journey, email: mail@amandawhitaker.com