West Ward Councillors Eddy Adam and Kate Hopper have used the availability of Section 106 monies to remove and improve the environmental status of their ward.
In years gone by Arncliffe/Askrigg Place had a small lake with a viewing platform where residents enjoyed the open space watching the abundance of wildlife that it attracted.
Sadly the lake was filled in and the platform became a target for vandals, subsequently the area had become an environmental eyesore.
The vandalised platform has now been removed the grass area reseeded, a seat and a bin installed. The area has now been returned to a relaxing and enjoyable place where residents can once again take in the beautiful views across the Burn.
If residents of West Ward have an area of environmental blight please get in touch to discuss opportunities for future improvement. Cllr Eddy Adam 07900 701966; Cllr Kate Hopper: 07900 702365.

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