There was an accident last Sunday outside the Middridge Allotments on the road down from Shildon. An allotment holder was waiting to turn right into the allotments (coming down the bank from Shildon) when he was hit in the rear by a van coming quickly on the road who failed to stop in time.
Both vehicles were damaged, the van appearing to be left in the middle of the road for some time. Both Police and Ambulance were in attendance and the allotment holder was taken to Darlington Memorial Hospital suffering shock and neck injuries.
Middridge Parish Council have continuously asked the County Council over many years to have the speed limit reduced to 40 (currently it is 60) mph on both sides of the village. These two sections of road are both 60mph and feature sharp bends and blind hills, whilst being heavily used by pedestrians and cyclists.
Many people cycle to the allotment, and there could have been a fatality if a person on a bicycle was waiting to turn right. There is no road sign indicating there is a right turn ahead into the allotments.
Speeding is the Middridge Parish Council PACT priority and they feel this needs to be addressed both through the village and on the surrounding approaches by a reduced speed limit either side of the village.