It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Barclay who was, for many years, the Vane Road Primary School Therapy Dog. Barclay was possibly the first School Therapy Dog in the North East. He started his work as a Therapy Dog at Vane Road in September 2013, being in school everyday. The disruption caused to schools by COVID meant that he spent a lot of time away from the school and was not so happy being in school when schools reopened and, so, spent the last couple of years in happy retirement.
During his time at Vane Road (with trips to Woodham Burn and Aycliffe Village Primary Schools) he helped countless children with their anxieties and simply made all, who were around, him happy. Children looked forward to walking Barclay, throw his ball for him, grooming him and just having cuddles with him. His superpower was to calm everyone he came into contact with and clearly loved his work. He helped children get over their fear of dogs and there are countless families in Newton Aycliffe who now have a dog because they saw how lovely Barclay was. There are at least 10 other school therapy dogs in the North East, as a result of people witnessing the incredible power of positivity that he brought to school.
He has now gone to spend eternity chasing his beloved ball!