Dear Sir,
Unfortunately, this refer-endum has become less about the EU than it has about immigration. Yes, there is a real debate to be had on immigration, but the EU referendum has very little to do with it.
People keep saying we need to control our borders. Well, I have some good news for you, we already do! By being part of the EU we have agreed to freedom of movement within the EU. But this does not mean we do not control our borders. In fact, thanks to the EU, UK border controls are carried out in Calais, which is currently prevent migrants in Calais from coming to the UK with ease.
But if we want to trade freely with the EU (as most leading leave campaigners do!) we will need to accept freedom of movement. So nothing will change. Other than us losing a right to have our say and voice our concerns.
In fact I am dubious if those campaigning to leave really want to bring immigration down at all. Whilst they are telling one group they will bring down immigration, they are telling other groups with relatives outside the EU (India and Pakistan) that their family members will find it easier to get a visa for the UK if we leave. While I am on that subject of people outside of the EU what about the soldier in the Gurkha Regiment who have been fighting with the British for over 200 years.
Vince Crosby