Dear Newtonians,
As the early summer is finally upon us, I thought it would be a good time to present a fresh idea to our town – Naturism. Whilst travelling around Europe last year I visited many fantastic clothes-free resorts and was able to feel a wonderful sense of freedom (no worry about tan-lines either!).
Since my return to Aycliffe, clothes have felt like a burden, binding my spirit. Of course, around the house I can ventilate my skin, but I know that others must share my passion for nakedness, and I’d like to take this opportunity to start a group. We could partake in social and sporting events such as coffee afternoons, badminton, orienteering etc.
The main problem is finding a venue. I intend to speak to The Oakleaf once I have a rough idea of numbers, but if anyone else has any other suggestions they’re more than welcome.
Once we have organised our first meeting please remember to bring a flannel to sit on. As we naturists always say, “If you don’t want a scowl, sit on a towel!”
Please contact me direct – thank you and peace out.
S. Jordinson