Newton Press are disappointed to report that this edition of the Newton News will be our last printed version for a few weeks to keep our staff, deliverers and you safe.

Since 1948 Newton Aycliffe has had its very own local community newspaper delivered to each house in the local area. Newton Press took over publishing, printing and arranging delivery of the Newton News in 1968 and has only once missed one other edition in the last 52 years.

We try to follow the ethos and methods of our mentor and founder, Syd Howarth MBE, who took the original four page newsletter to a tabloid sixteen page newspaper; from once a month to weekly; from black and white to full colour. Over this time updating the residents with details of activities, events and local news, always trying to inform and pull together the community and encourage everyone to work together for the good of all.

The only time Newton News has missed a printed edition was in March 2018 when heavy snow fall prevented our paper delivery getting through. On that occasion we uploaded the edition to our website and received over 96,000 complete newspaper downloads for that week’s edition, the numbers have been consistent since.


Title D/loads

30th March 2018 96,721

22nd Feb., 2019 89,866

4th May 2018 80,216

25th May 2018 76,569

11th May 2018 75,887

14th Dec., 2018 70,069

As the Coronavirus pushes the government into taking drastic action, the uncertainty of what will happen changes day by day, after this week, we will still be available for our readers online via

We are, however, concerned about those residents who do not have online access or social media accounts. This group includes many of the elderly, infirm and vulnerable in our society who, more and more rely on the Newton News to keep them abreast of what is happening around them.

During this unprecedented time we encourage residents to check on their neighbours via telephone or a message through the door, please remember the advice given and social distance. A form on page two is reproduced to help with this neighbourly action.

Newton News will, we hope, be back to normal as soon as possible and continue to do what we have always done, unite our community and keep our readers informed.

At this time Newton News and Newton Press would like to thank our paper delivery team, they deliver your newspaper, week in and week out, in all sorts of weathers . . . but never in a situation like this.

Take care and we will see you on the other side.

Paul, Stuart & Christopher Howarth