Dear Sir, I feel I must respond to the letter from “PK” in your last issue of The Newton News regarding his experiences at  Aycliffe Badminton Club. As Secretary of a Darlington Club I am a regular visitor to the club and have always been impressed with the way the club is run.  All visitors appear to be welcomed  and as the town’s only Badminton Club they should be encouraged and not harmed by someone who has clearly held an opinion for four years. All clubs who compete well in the local leagues and competitions do need to have some minimum standards as court space can be limited. Aycliffe in the past 4 years since PK’s experience have been successful in many local competitions. There is a balancing act needed  between club night players and match players and I think that this club manage this well. Everyone seems to leave having achieved the competitive sport that they went for. If “PK” has used this experience 4 years ago positively and continued to play perhaps he could “man up” and  find his way to The Darlington and District League  website where he would find details of other clubs and opportunities to play in the area. Badminton really is the worlds’ fastest racket sport and is great for fitness and fun. I speak as a player who is well past his best who enjoys working with new players at all clubs I visit.  I would urge anyone out there who is up for the challenge of Badminton not to be put off by “PK” and to go along and give this great sport a go. Darren Clarke, Secretary Haughton Badminton Club