I read about Landlords Livin admitting they were not cutting  grass properly through FaceBook and not using Newton News. They should realise not everyone is on Facebook. Maintenance of our environment is unacceptable and the standards of grass cutting by Burleys, their contractors, has never been up to standard and the ratepayers has put up with it too long. People are just fed up with the state of these areas, and are complaining to no avail. I also noticed a letter in the Newton News by Roberta Fergusson who also complains of the service provided by Livin. It is a joke when you phone up and the officers seem to take it all on board, but can do nothing about any of the complaints as they are on holiday or on the sick. What I say to Roberta is just keep complaining as we have for over two years on the state of tenants’ gardens (see photo). The inspecting officers also need to check some of the bungalows in Ashfield area on the state of gardens the elderly have to put up with. It appears that Livins’ Conditions of Tenancy is not worth the paper it is written on! Alderman George C. Gray West Ward Councillor