Dear Sir,

Following the recent murder of Sarah Everard, I have felt compelled to write to you regarding the street light situation between the golf club and Woodham on Burnhill Way.

The street lights were removed a number of years ago, having only just been replaced a few weeks before. There are a number of houses near the golf club on both sides of the road which are now isolated unless you walk during daylight hours or have a car.

The stretch of road without lighting is very dark and there are woods on both sides of the road, it is not a pleasant walk in the dark, indeed it is frightening. The bus stop is also situated in the middle of this dark stretch of road. Children have to use that bus stop to get to and from school and I am aware the light nights are coming, but it is still a risk.

So, I ask you, in light of Sarah’s murder and the growing movement to light our streets and keep people safe, do you feel it is now time to review these lights as a matter of urgency to keep all people who walk that stretch of road safe?

Emma Olivier