Greenfield Arts would like to thank all who came to celebrate the launch of a new artwork by Youth Cree students of Greenfield Community College and artist Vicky Holbrough that is now proudly displayed at Bewick Crescent Doctors Surgery. Greenfield Arts have been working with Bewick Crescent Doctors Surgery in Newton Aycliffe to create a new art work which is displayed in their waiting room, to improve the surgery environment and promote positive well-being.
Students have worked with artist Vicky Holbrough to explore smart materials, which have ever changing properties. They also investigated how light can affect them and how their ideas can be displayed successfully. They were particularly interested in how materials can change their state whilst on display, therefore interacting with the patients and changing people’s perceptions.
This has been really exciting for the students who are keen to investigate, play with materials and experiment, developing their discussion and team work skills. After discussions with the surgery’s patient group, who gave the patients perspective, the work has now been completed and there was a celebration of the installation on Friday 15th April 2016. They were joined by a small group of VIP guests, including local Councillors and funders, as well as the surgery staff who showed their appreciation for the artwork. Katy Milne, Director of Arts and creativity at Greenfield Arts said: “It was lovely to see the young people and patients, who contributed to Vicky’s final creation, all come together and speak about the process and where their ideas came from. I hope it is enjoyed by the patients and makes them smile.”
This has been a great project where arts and science really come together to make people feel good, and a brilliant opportunity for the students of Greenfield Community College to explore their own creativity to aid health and well-being. The Youth Cree project is funded by Public Health and GAMP AAP and developed and led by Greenfield Arts and is designed to promote positive well-being.