Dear Sir,
Nice to see lots of lively letters in the Newton News from very concerned residents of Great Aycliffe  and there was a very good informative letter from Karyn Syms.
When I first built a garden pond and populated it with fish and water plants, we did not have a problem with algae. That came when local farmers started to spray the fields with loads of chemicals. Now I have a continual fight with algae and duck weed. Does anyone have any relatively easy natural remedies to control this problem?
The environmental officer who started this commotion reminds me of other officers who seem to lack common sense.
I can remember when environment and health & safety first came to light. Suddenly lots of so-called specialist companies appeared selling courses with qualifications for environmental and health & safety officers.
Who said these qualifications where valid or genuine? One can go on-line and get a qualification in just about anything, but I for one wouldn’t acknowledge them.
I qualified, before these experts were born, in environmental and health & safety from the school of life.
Chris Palmer
Gilpin Road


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