Dear Sir,

In her Labour/Momentum recruitment rant in last week’s Newton News Cllr. Kathy Beetham says that we must all keep fighting for equality. This, after having the Town Council invest our taxpayers’ monies in ‘Rainbow’ banners to fly in support of the LGBTQ+++ community. This was a misuse of Public Funds! Her supporters were doubly wrong when they called independent councillors “homophobic” for opposing this misuse. She is a ‘Rainbow’ extremist!

Personally, I think that flag flying in support of, or in opposition to, any legal minority grouping does nothing to promote tolerance, understanding, or equality for the group or, more importantly, its individual adherents. Within the LGBTQ+++++ there are extremists who think that every member must be proud of their sexuality and must publicise it. Indeed Durham County Council advertised ‘Durham Pride’ as, “a chance to celebrate LGBT+ and promote diversity”. Our police have also gone to the expense of a ‘Rainbow’ liveried Police Car! Personally, I would rather my money is spent on promoting togetherness and tolerance rather that drawing attention to the fact that people have different, private sexual preferences. We all know that this is a fact; why a banner?

We all also know of individuals who would rather deal with their sexuality on a private, personal level, as is their right. This is not allowed under the flag flying extremists who “outed” prominent homosexuals against their will. Such actions are abhorrent to anybody who truly believes in equality!

The LGBT group wants equality. However, when Anne Widdecombe mentioned the fact that society had not invested enough to research a ‘cure’ for homosexuality, Cllr Beetham accuses her and UKIP of wanting to abolish LBGT rights. Medical Science offers help to Transgender people. Some individuals avail themselves of help and some don’t. Would it not be more compassionate, and equal, if the Medical profession were in a position to offer assistance to someone who is homosexual but is not ‘proud’ to be so?

By her letters and Facebook posts Cllr Beetham demonstrates her intolerance and disregard for true equality. I know members of the LGBT community who voted Leave in the referendum who are left wondering why our Labour/ Momentum MP cannot give their vote equal respect to that he gives to fewer Remain votes.

Yours Sincerely,

Alastair P.G. Welsh