Dear Sir,

As the local County Councillor, I am receiving numerous angry messages from residents on the new ‘Woodlands’ estate near Cobblers Hall, asking when the surfacing of the roads on the estate is going to be completed. I have to tell you that I have made repeated representations to Keepmoat about this via DCC but, I am afraid, without success.

I am also being told that Keepmoat are reticent to deal with residents’ snagging complaints.

Therefore, I find myself seeking to use the columns of the Newton News to ask Keepmoat two questions in public.

The first is simple: when, please, do they intend to finish the surfacing of the roads on the Woodlands estate?

The second is this: Keepmoat are currently building a new housing estate at Eldon Whins – how do they hope to sell any of those new houses whilst they are ruining their reputation on the town as regards the Woodlands estate?

I publicly urge Keepmoat to address residents’ concerns as quickly as possible.

Cllr John D Clare

Aycliffe North & Middridge