I would like to express my absolute disbelief at the state of the road leading to St. George’s Close, Newton Aycliffe. The road has been like this for over 2 years and I can understand this would be left until the new livin homes are complete, but these were completed several months ago and I have reported the issue to Durham County Council due to the damage caused to my car repeatedly along with many of my neighbours. They have now repaired the road to the condition shown below and I can only assume this is their fix and they have now responded to advise they are possibly not responsible for the road resurfacing as the developers of the housing estate (Gleeson Homes) and livin homes damaged the road on construction of the new houses. However the 2 developers are also stating that they are not responsible for the damage therefore it seems that we are in a situation where nobody is agreeing to take responsibility to resurface this road.
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