Lesley Thompson, a regular charity worker, from Aycliffe is having problems with her latest fundraising attempt which may be the last one she can do.

She has been involved with many charities and has always chosen to pay her own her own travel fees, equipment, training, etc., never taking it out of funds raised. In the last few years she has scaled Kilamanjaro and Everest base camp 1 where whilst on the trail the other person with her and Sherpas died of altitude sickness.

The other Sherpas wanted to leave the body but Lesley insisted on carrying the body down which took a week, then continued her objective alone. She had breast cancer in 1996 and has raised a lot of money for research.

She spent years dedicated to animals and also adopted a problem child two years ago. The child has totally changed socially, improved in school and will be returning home shortly.

With all going on and training to cycle 930 miles in 9 days she is struggling to raise the funds for the make-a-wish foundation.

Without the knowledge of his Aunt, David Kirkbride is asking Newtonians to help. So far Lesley has raised £893 of the £2500 target. The link to her page is: http://www.justgiving.com/Lesley-Thompson6/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=fundraisingpage&utm_content=Lesley-Thompson6&utm_campaign=pfp-share.

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