Staff and students at Greenfield Community College have been continuing their learning journey whilst taking care of their mental health. The school has many effective supportive initiatives and signposting that have been helping to highlight the importance of taking care of the personal wellbeing of ourselves and others.

The school have a dedicated team of expert staff and have an open-door policy that encourages approachability and have dedicated counselling and support staff on hand.

The school are also very lucky to be involved in the pioneering Trailblazer programme, working with Mental Health Support Team professionals from the Tees and Esk NHS trust to provide bespoke support for our students since early 2020. “Even during lockdown, we are ensuring that those children who need support and guidance are receiving it. This partnership will be continuing in the future and we look forward to expanding the provision to support students even more!” said Miss Forkin, Deputy Headteacher.

A group of students are making a difference as they work towards creating a live platform for the school that can impact upon creativity and positivity to lift spirits and support well-being. Student leaders are working alongside Greenfield Arts and have designed and developed ‘A Creative Space’ platform that will be a creative resource for their peers. The space will be available for staff and students to access.

Greenfield Community College are committed to supporting their students to reach their potential. The school promotes an inclusive curriculum encouraging students to work together to realise an outstanding learning experience. If you would like further information visit or contact the school by emailing or by calling 01325 300378.