Men Talking Together meet at The Cabin, Unit 14A IES Centre (behind Newton Press and ScrewFix). We will be meeting every Monday from 12noon until 2.30pm, and Friday 1.00pm until 2.30pm (Fish and Chips).

This group started prior to the pandemic with 20 members, but has been reduced to just five. The focus of this group is loneliness, emotional and mental health problems caused by many reasons.

We have plans for trips to local places of interest. We also would like members with various skills to pass them on to other interested members. The group will be open to any ideas to encourage people to talk and enjoy meeting and making new friends. Age range is from 40 years upwards, but younger people, over 21 years, are welcome.

For further details contact Dorothy Bowman on 01325 308094 or 07967 901477.