Greenfield Arts are busy supporting creativity in the community and are looking forward to encouraging a creative exchange that will inspire originality and an opportunity to produce new work.

Although the arts facility is presently closed the team are working to bring about new innovative opportunities that will quench our thirst for creativity. Greenfield Arts are working alongside professional photographer Elaine Vizor to publish a new magazine.

‘Our Place’ will boast a collection of images, stories and recipes with some top tips from artist and photographer Elaine. We will be calling out for contributions that will form a creative exchange that we can share and support each other’s creativity.

Guidelines allowing, Elaine will be launching the new venture with an outdoor walk where you can explore and share your photography with others and find out tips and ideas to capture the changing seasons. The walk is scheduled for 2 March, visit our website to find out more and to register your interest for this one-off activity.

Greenfield Arts are committed to providing high quality arts and creative opportunities that encourage creativity, questioning and curiosity. To find out more about us please visit