Dear Sir,

I read your articles last week regarding livin’s decision to cease grass cutting of elderly tenants, if they are deemed to have relatives in the area who can do this for them, and I want to add my comments. My Father is 88 years old and has lived in the same property for some 50 years. Until the last 10 years he has maintained an impeccable garden where he grew a full stock of vegetables and flowers.

This has now been completely grassed over at his own expense because he is unable to manage it himself. Until now the council would call once a month to cut his grass. We are now told that this has ceased and even after appeal have been told he does not qualify under the new regulations. Although he does have family, they also have homes and families of their own to look after along with full time jobs and I think it is disgraceful that he has been left to look after it himself. Would they care if he left it to grow into a forest like some of the other properties in the area!

Mrs Anne Bowen