On Thursday 9th May, Gestamp held a “Celebration Event” to recognise and celebrate some of their employees achieving completion of their respective learning programmes.

There were two celebrations combined. We had learners completing a Gestamp Leadership Programme as well as learners completing their Weld & Fabrication Programme. All learners received nationally recognised qualifications.

On the day, 27 employees managed to attend, though in total for both programmes there were almost 80 employees, who had successfully completed the courses.

Paul James (UK Training & Development Co-ordinator) stated “This success is part of Gastamp’s overall ‘Talent Growth’ strategic vision, to ensure we are building Behavioural and Vocational competence across all levels of the business. Strengthening our team and its capability to be successful in the coming years with the challenges that come our way”.

Wayne Reynoldson (Plant Director) said “What a fantastic opportunity, if we can’t celebrate our employee success, what can we celebrate?”.

There are more planned celebrations across the year including completion of Apprenticeships for our Toolmakers, Maintenance and Commercial employees.