Dear Sir,

I write in response to the article on Tesco fuel causing a breakdown. Myself and my husband recently moved to Aycliffe and have always used Tesco due to having a FuelCard. Since moving both of our cars have been struck down with engine problems both relating to the fuel filters.

I have just had mine fixed after I had engine malfunction lights and message came on, to a cost of around £160.

My husband’s van had repairs to it also to a cost of around £150 but still needs an anti pollution filter replacing which is going to cost over £300 which at the moment we cannot afford.

As a result he has had to cease self employment. We never had any problems with our car previous to moving and it has been too much of a coincidence that both vehicles have faults since moving to Aycliffe and the only thing we do the same is we buy our diesel at Tesco.

I would be interested to know if this is similar to the gentleman who contacted yourselves and Tesco as perhaps we could all put pressure on Tesco to check their fuel!

Name and address supplied