Dear Sir,

I am wondering if the residents of Newton Aycliffe could take some time to read this and assist my daughter in her quest?

A few days ago, Ava, who is five years old, said out the blue that she wanted to use her pocket money to buy a blanket for people who live on the street, as they might be cold.

As you can imagine that made me quite emotional and so proud of her to even want to do this. Then the same the day she came running out of school with a bigger idea.

She explained that she wanted to raise money, or for people to donate, to purchase food/blankets and pillows. She finds it so sad that people are living on the streets and wants to do as much as she can to help.

If anyone can help donate anything, I am more than happy to collect, or you can drop requested items with us (Covid-19 safe, of course), and I can take it to our chosen charity, Junction7.

Ava also wanted me to make videos to document this and to show people on the streets, but then understood they wouldn’t have devices to watch them on, so she asked me to upload it to Facebook.

If donors prefer to keep their distance due to Covid-19, I will be setting up a Facebook page to donate money instead. Ava and I will then purchase blankets/food/toiletries etc to go to the charity.

Facebook page for more information is:

Thank you

Emily Gowling