The “FEEL GOOD FILM SHOW” at St Clare’s Church on TUESDAY 13th MARCH features the romantic comedy “THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN” Starring Clifton Webb, Dorothy McGuire, Louis Jourdan, Jean Peters and Rossano Brazzi.

Three American secretaries working in Italy throw their coins into Rome’s Trevi Fountain, make their wishes and vow to return to Rome. Plenty of romance and comedy follow, a real feel-good film to make you forget the weather for a while. EVERYONE IS WELCOME

Tea and coffee are served at 1pm, included in the £2, and the film starts at 1-15pm.

A variety of chairs are provided for your comfort, and tables so that you can bring a spot of lunch to eat while you enjoy a great film in friendly company.

For further details ring Ric Hargreaves 01325 316755.