A young persons’ guide to keeping safe during the COVID-19 pandemic has been launched by a leading health and social care organisation, Turning Point.

The digital leaflet aimed at under-18’s offers expert support and advice. With easy to read information about Coronavirus, social distancing advice in line with government guidelines and their own in-house expertise.

The social enterprise, which supports thousands of young people in their substance misuse and sexual health services, highlights the strain having whole families isolating together may have, particularly on young people.

Jane Wright, head of young people’s services, said: “Being cooped up with your family in the house can naturally be a bit challenging and frustrating for everyone. However if you feel unsafe at home and are worried you or someone else may get hurt it’s important to talk to someone you trust”

“If you are separated from your boyfriend or girlfriend during the isolation period there are lots of ways to connect with them at a distance. Be aware of Sexting and don’t feel pressured by anyone to share images of yourself. It’s illegal for U18’s to share or receive images.”

The substance misuse charity advises young people to be aware on the strain on the NHS during the COVID-19 crisis, meaning less resources are available to help during an overdose or needing emergency contraception.

The digital leaflet recommends making the most of all digital platforms available to keep up friendships, for example streaming a live concert on Facebook live or using the party feature on Netflix.

The digital leaflet has already been successfully distributed to some schools and colleges across Britain.