Dear Sir, The recent letter from George Osborne (not a name I associate with veracity after Brexit and Project Fear) a retired Police Inspector, about his dog was astonishing. He has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/half Labrador which he walks in public, off the lead. He seems to be offended that not everyone is happy about this, as he himself is confident his dog is under control. He may be right about his dog but when it is off the lead how are we to know? He stated: “I have met some real fools, many of whom I am
ashamed to say are fellow dog owners.” Does it not occur to him that others may look upon him too as a “real fool”? How many people, nervous  in the company of dogs, have heard their owners say “He won’t hurt you he just wants to play?” That a former Police Officer can be so lacking in common sense he criticises others, is beyond me! Come on Mr Osborne, show some compassion for the rest of us and who knows, you too might become one of those better human beings. W. K. Winters