Dear Sir,
As you may have heard, I am no longer Deputy Leader of the Town Council. One corollary of this is that my role as Labour Group Press Officer will cease.
In that capacity, for more than 20 years, I have been the councillor tasked to speak for the Town Council Labour Group in the Newton News, but that is now at an end.
The loss of my media role, of course, does not mean the end of my role as Ward councillor for Aycliffe North & Middridge. With my two colleagues, Joan Gray and Mike Dixon, I am still here for residents’ issues and complaints.
In this respect, may I make one last plea for readers to sign up to my councillor blog on I have always believed that councillors should be transparent and accountable, and my website records everything I do as a councillor, shares useful notices and updates … and provides a means for residents to seek help, ask questions, and challenge me where they think I am mistaken.
May I finish by thanking the Editor of Newton News for his kindness and latitude through the last two decades.
John D Clare