Dear Sir
In reply to last week’s anonymous letter there was absolutely no misrepresentation of any facts by me. Prove otherwise, but don’t accept my word check with the Town Clerk.
The majority of anonymous letter writers are mild or pronounced paranoiacs, suffering from a condition that is not easy to detect. It is a state of mind that has a distorted concept of reality. What the supposedly anonymous letter writer does not realise is that, it is their personal subconscious habits, which are so ingrained, their little peculiarities that are so difficult to suppress, which leaves behind a  trail, leading to identification.
I know who wrote the letter,  the mere fact that they choose to attack anonymously shows not only their cowardliness,  but fear that if identified their true character and motive would be exposed to the public. So that there is no misunderstanding, I assure residents I will continue to oppose this individual’s devious and corrupt ways of thinking also his acting and willingness to sell the town’s interests down the river.
Cllr Arun M Chandran