Aycliffe Town Centre Management has advised Newton News that following substantial internal and external works, providing support, to allow them to retain the town’s iconic Clock Tower, they can now move forward and start the hard demolition of Churchill House. A Brokk machine is in use which is controlled remotely for use in potentially unsafe areas where it would not be suitable for team members to access. In parallel with these works Durham County Council will be commencing works to relocate the Library from Central Avenue to a new purpose built facility in the Leisure Centre. Once the new Library is ready to be fitted out a variety of other projects will commence including new paving and additional street lighting and a new open access directly from Stephenson Way to Beveridge Way. Newton News was allowed to enter the site and can reveal the mammoth task facing the demolition workers. “This is the worst job I have tackled” admitted the Site Supervisor. Residents will welcome the good news that progress is being made to remove the current eyesore and to eventually reveal the refurbished town clock and tower.

c house demolition 2 c house demolition