becky puppy 3

Meet the new brother and sister crime fighting team, Jackson and Becky! The two Labrador puppies have become the latest recruits to a north east police dog unit. The tri-force dog section, which includes Durham Constabulary, Cleveland Police and North Yorkshire Police, welcomed brother and sister Jackson and Becky to join their elite unit of canine crime fighters. Bred by a serving Durham officer and donated to the unit, the pups were born only ten weeks ago.

They are currently being looked after by foster families until they are old enough to begin their formal training. They will join the unit as specialist search dogs sniffing out drugs or explosives.  PC Ian Squire, from the tri-force dog unit, commented: “Becky and Jackson are currently with their respective families and have already started informal training. They will be taught basic obedience, socialisation skills and exposed to different environments before being paired with a police dog handler and formally trained.”

“They are lively little puppies who are enjoying their days exploring their new surroundings, Becky is definitely more boisterous than her brother, I wouldn’t let that gorgeous face fool anyone, she is very mischievous!”