Covid Caution

It’s hard not to have a few grumbles,

During Covid-19 we’ve all had our mumbles!

Concentrate on the positives that we can still


And keep to Social Distancing,

Please don’t be coy.

Wear a mask in a public place,

And it’s not a rule to sit in front of a bookcase,

When you make a video call,

That really doesn’t matter at all!

But please keep in touch with friends who

are alone,

A few minutes chat on the telephone.

A couple of tins when you do your shop,

Then into the food bank’s trolley

You can them drop.

Just don’t go mad when this lockdown ends,

Or there’s a danger it will once more extend,

If we all try to help each other out,

We’ll soon thump this virus firmly on the snout!

MMK, Nov 2020