Dear Sir,

There is going to be a ‘Community Garden’ placed in Silverdale Place on a piece of Durham County Council land between Silverdale Place and Langdale Place.

Allegedly, the local residents have given the OK to build this. However, none of the residents in the immediate area knew anything about it.

This will be an ideal place for the anti-social behaviour young people that at the moment are in abundance around Silverdale Place and the fast food shop, mainly on an evening.

When asked for a small play area for the under 5s it was said “it will attract anti-social behaviour and be too noisy for residents, that is why the Eskdale Play area was built away from the houses”.

When the new fencing was put up around the houses, 3/4 years ago, seats etc were asked to be placed in the square, only to be told the seats would attract anti-social behaviour. It is still attracted without the seats!

There are going to be many cars parked in the square blocking residents from being able to park. Especially the residents on the end next to the garden.

Where is the gated entrance going to be? There has been no planning application put in or is the TLP going to wait until they may receive funding? What happens when the TLP (which is led by the police) finishes in the next three months?

Costings of £9954.50, which partly come out of the public purse.

There is also planned to be a Poly Tunnel at a cost of £100 a 6’x4’ shed £567, fencing and gate £3200, tools to do the work £500 + various other pieces of equipment a total of £28,327.00. Total cost of project including volunteers hours of £18,472.50.

There will be a door to door campaign in the immediate area to discuss with those living close to the proposed garden.

Name & address supplied