Dear Sir,

Are your children opening their car doors into the road and oncoming traffic when getting out of the car?

If you are taking your children to school by car PLEASE educate your little ones of the dangers of opening doors into the road. Better still ensure they are unable to open the door from the inside.

It’s a hectic time for parents and those going to and coming from work. Staintondale is a very congested road from half past eight with school, work traffic, delivery vans (sadly from time to time ambulances) as well as at the end of the school day and special events.

I praise the headmistress, Mrs Gargan, and all those involved in highlighting road safety and dissuading illegal parking at the school entrance but ultimately it is YOU the parents who are responsible for the safe alighting of YOUR vehicle.

Nobody wants to see a child seriously injured, maimed or worse as a result of an unwitting split second action.

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