Dear Sir,

On taking my 6 month old son for a walk on Sunday I had to dodge broken glass all the way from Silverdale House to the back and side of Stephenson Way School only still to get a puncture. This has resulted in me now having to buy a new tyre for my son’s pram as the glass has caused a 2inch gash.

On monday I walked 20 minutes to the town and counted 14 separate piles of broken glass! It’s bad enough that my pram got damaged but this is near a school and what would happen if a child or elderly person was to fall?

Do the people who break glass not realise the damage or injury they can cause? It only takes a second to put a bottle in a bin or put it in a carrier bag and take it home in the bag they got from the shop where they bought the alcohol. This would keep the streets safe and clean. When these people grow up and have children of their own they may realise their mistake, but it will be too late for those people they have injured.

Maybe if they were caught and made to clean it up it may start to sink in a little bit. They have stopped having glass bottles in most pubs and clubs so why can’t this be extended to all alcohol being sold in plastic bottles in shops and pubs? Not only would it be safer it would also be better for the environment.

I would like to know why Counc Bowman who is always at Silverdale House has done nothing about all the glass in that area.

Sally Symons,

Langdale Place