Dear Sir,

I’ve being following the Labour (?) politicians’ inquests into their catastrophic defeat in the General Election and the only one who gets close to the real reason is Caroline Flint (a Blairite in a Leave Constituency).

It is simple. The Labour Party is now the Momentum Party. If Corbyn were to stand for re-election as leader tomorrow, he would be elected. If Diana Abbot wants to be leader she can be! There is no way back for Labour, as we knew it, as long as it is in the control of Momentum. Momentum opposed Brexit and Phil Wilson tried to appease them by calling for a “peoples’” (non) vote. We, the electorate, were not fooled a second time, thank God.

We have now had three peoples’ votes. Professed Leave supporting organisations won all three. Brexit will now be done. Labour/Momentum are now concentrating on Climate Change. If Phil Wilson wants to stand again he will have to apologise for the fact that his father contributed to Global warming by mining coal! That is how the Left think, if one stupid ideology gets rejected change to another even more stupid one. Immediately after the General election and before Parliament re-formed the ultra-left were protesting outside Parliament about the peoples’ choice of Government! Is that democratic?

That being said, I must comment on the crass pre-election letter published in the Newton News and the Northern Echo from Mike & Mary Dixon and John & Barbara Clare. In it they called on Christians to support the Labour manifesto because, in their view, it chimed with (their?) Christian values. We all know, that they know, the Labour Party is currently being investigated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission over its endemic anti-Semitism. However, they ignore this fact. My first thought when I read that letter was the 5th verse of the Bob Dylan song ‘With God on our side” viz.

“The Second World War

Came to an end

We forgave the Germans

And then we were friends

Though they murdered six million

In the ovens they fried

The Germans now, too

Have God on their side”

I pray that no political party will ever be elected having canvassed support from anti-Semitics. Nobody of any religion should support such politics.

Yours Sincerely

Alastair P.G. Welsh