Dear Editor I was involved in a small accident in Tesco’s car park recently. It was nothing major – just a small prang when a car reversed into my side door, but the damage was obviously fairly significant on my car. Thankfully everyone involved was ok, although I’m not sure if I’m going slightly mad after numerous phone calls and insurance forms! However, in her confusion the other party did not want to admit liability initially, and so I sought witness from nearby cars, who, shall we say, stated the obvious to the other driver. What’s more important though, after we had swapped details, a witness voluntarily came over afterwards an offered his name and number to pass on as an independent witness. This certainly helped the process go much smoother. It does make me wonder
though, how many people reading this could honestly say to themselves, in this age where we have to complete lists longer then our arms and are on the go 24/7 with work, would really offer to do this? Or would you be just too busy, keep your head down and forget about it? We should of course, and I certainly will do if I’m in a similar situation having been through this experience. I hope anyone reading this does think twice in the future before walking off into the distance when they can be of assistance. I would just like to finish by thanking this person; I have done so personally, of course. It may have been a small incident, but his actions had a big impact – not only on my insurance claim, but also in restoring a little faith in humanity. Thank you Mark! Paul Simmons