A meeting was led by Newton Aycliffe Police Inspector Sarah Honeyman the aim being to co-ordinate the different agencies (police, fire, DCC ASB, Neighbourhood Wardens, Town Centre Management, livin, GATC etc.) to combat Anti-Social Behaviour on the town.
Sharing information and expertise has resulted in a spectacular reduction in ASB. There were 60 incidents of ASB last month, 10% down on January. ‘Nuisanc’e and ‘personal’ ASB are both down, though ‘environmental’ ASB is slightly up. In the year February 17 to February 18 there were 708 incidents, 28% Figures for the different areas of the town for the year February 17 to 18:
West: 197 incidents (17% down on the previous year)
Shafto: 183 (12% down)
Horndale: 139 (48% down)
Neville: 115 (37% down)
Woodham: 74 (17% down)
It was decided that the next MULTI-AGENCY WALKABOUT should be in Shafto ward, on THURSDAY 29 MARCH – meeting at 2pm (provisionally) at St Mary’s Church.
A number of individual, specific cases were discussed and the sharing of information was very helpful to the different agencies, who are often working with the same people/incidents.
The group then planned ahead for the Easter holidays (fire crews have been visiting schools, extra CCTV cameras have been put up, and patrols will be increased)
In discussion was Quad bikes, especially on Horndale, Youths throwing stones around Hawkshead and Fly-tipping
Crime is rising and there has been a recent spate of shed/garages burglaries, so keep your property locked. Also, there seems to be a gang targeting Fiestas, so be warned.
Reported by
Councillor John D. Clare