Another lockdown but I know we’ll make the best,

Staying healthy and safe and enjoying some rest.

Going for walks to stretch our limbs,

Determined to take it all on our chin.

Putting away our summer gear

Look out some sweaters, it’s getting colder, I fear.

Thinking of others wearing a poppy on our chest,

Giving some tins to the food bank

For they are the best.

Talking of a Christmas we hope

To anticipate,

Time with our family, (please Boris) that would be great.

What we are learning as this year goes on,

Is that we must stick together and march to the same song.

There’ll be good days and bad, but we’ll get through,

Talking on the phone or saying hi on Facetime too.

Thanking key workers as they toil so hard,

Spending hours wearing masks and stifling face guards.

They’ve done so well and should stand proud and tall,

Our wish for next year is good health and peace to all.

MMK, November 2020