ADM Disco

All Disabilities Matter private Facebook group are so excited to announce the very first All Disabilities Matters disco. The main purpose of this event is for people who may not feel comfortable with mainstream discos, pubs or clubs, for whatever reason. All disabilities want a place where people, carers and family are free to feel at ease and comfortable, surrounded by people in similar situations such as physical, non-visual, mental health issues or anxiety.
A place to party, free from judgement or bullying, the entrance fee will be a £1 per person, this is to cover costs, whatever funds are left over we will donate to a different charity every month, our disco will follow straight on after the family disco in The Big Club at 8.30pm on Friday 22nd October (once the room is clear, both will continue to be subsidised by Community Spirit).
Our first disco will be Halloween themed, people who would like to dress up are very welcome but don’t feel you have to.
Look forward to seeing everyone.
Jackie, Anne and all the admin,
All Disabilities Matter.