Much of our work over the last year has been to deal with the Asset transfer of the Youth Centre which is now in the latter stages, this transfer has come about due to austerity measures imposed by the Government on Durham County Council.
As the Chair of the Board of Trustees my role was to re-write the Constitution which moved the Youth Centre form an unincorporated organisation to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation; (known has a CIO). The new centre will become more vibrant in our vision for the future to help others, in particularly when working with young people. The centre will become the central hub of the community.
Over the next year we plan to make the Centre a better place to be, over the festive period, I would ask that you also think of others, to call on a neighbour and remember all those who are struggling at this time. Even the smallest things can make a difference.
Christmas is the feast that celebrates the ultimate Good News that a child is born for us.
Christmas is all about this child. It is all about the gift freely offered that we cannot buy. He is the gift offered for our life, for our enjoyment; he is the ground of our hope. If we humbly accept his love as we do with any new-born child, he can and will transform us from within. There must be peace between us all, our unbelief, the wrath that we so unjustly project must be removed.
This is the deepest peace and our deepest need at Christmas. Peace be with you all and I hope you have a happy Christmas.
Vince Crosby