Dear Sir,
My local church gave me a wonderful surprise last Sunday, 31st October. It was my mother’s anniversary, 22 years since she passed away.
I walked in to church preparing to hear a Service dedicated to my late mother as it was the anniversary of her death. I had also arranged to have a Service in remembrance of her and was amazed when I looked ahead to see her name on a screen at the front of the church prior to the start of the Service – a lovely surprise.
I always have a Mass said for her but this is a different way of presenting prayers and words so that the congregation can follow it with the prayers and any set readings are shown on screen and easy to follow – it’s brilliant.
I thanked the priest, who conducted the Service, afterwards, which seemed to delight him. It was an amazing experience, thinking I would be there and unbeknown to other people present who the person named on screen was connected to.
Angela Stevenson (Heighington)