Dear Sir

DURING the 2015-17 Parliament, a petition calling for Government to debate on a fairer electoral system passed the 100,000 threshold, and a parliamentary debate took place in October of last year, but what has happened since?.

The significance of this subject raises the inadequacy of First Past The Post with a third successive election which produced a hung parliament, or delivered a tiny parliamentary majority.

The FPTP electoral system is broken ~ see CPG Grey video link below ~ as it rarey produces a “strong and stable” one-party Government!

In the past I have written to Philip Wilson MP for Sedgefield about this matter. Whereas Mr Wilson has been keen to support local issues, he seems a tad hesitant to join a debate about Proportional Representation ~ not surprisingly I guess as he represents one of the two main protagonists.

Is it fair in the 21st-century to apply a 200-year old process that forces election voters to vote for either Labour or Conservative, simply to keep out the candidate they dislike the most. I would also like to take the opportunity to encourage Sedgefield constituents to contact Philip Wilson MP to express their views.

In these most troubling political times, I guess we can expect this constituency to be forever Labour. That means Mr Wilsons, and his successor, will always be more accountable to the local Labour Party than to you and me ~ the Sedgefield electorate.

There are fairer voting systems out there ~

I know people on the opposite side of the debate argue that a Proportional Representation voting system is very complicated. Yet, from a voters position nothing changes in the polling booth. Plus Proportional Representation reduces the complication attached to First Past The Post, and second guessing how other people cast tactical votes.

So do please, let’s contact our local MP to express your dissatisfaction, too.

Why the UK Election Results are the Worst in History – YouTube

John G. Angeletta