Dear Sir,
Saturday night, 28th October at 11.30pm, I let my dog into the back garden (School Aycliffe), but the stench coming from Emerald Biogas was absolutely appalling. At 8.00am on Sunday 29th October, whilst walking my dog to the Sports Complex, the smell from Emerald Biogas was horrendous. I came home to collect my car and drove down to the Biogas plant. I was not able to breathe, the stench made my eyes water, the back of my throat sore and my nose burn.
How people work in that area is beyond me.
Sunday evening I went out at 6.00pm, again to walk my dog, and I came home immediately as the stench once again was horrendous.
This summer, weather permitting, at times you could not sit in your own garden and had to close the windows.
This cannot be right and something is wrong.
I have made a complaint to the Environmental Agency (0800 807060) and to our MP, Paul Howell, and to Paul Iveson at Warrens-Group.
Name and address supplied.