Dear Sir,

Isn’t it considerate of Durham County Council to modify the road layout at the junction between School Aycliffe Lane and Horndale Avenue?

In particular, whose brilliant idea was it to spend taxpayers revenue by constructing three central refuges and severely restricting manoeuvrability?

In my opinion the authorities have created a solution to a problem that never existed.

Perhaps I’m being cynical, but is it just a coincidence that we are nearing the end of the financial tax year and reserves need to be spent in order to justify future funding claims and council tax increases?

Possibly, the council’s reasoning is to provide additional employment and opportunities for local garages and groundwork contractors, in that how many drivers are now liable to damage their car alloys attempting to negotiate the high concrete kerbs (with consequential repair costs), not to mention the juggernauts which use this junction on a regular basis and will almost certainly damage and/or destroy the ‘keep left bollards’ along with adjacent road signage.

‘Que Será, Será’, as no doubt the future repair requirements will give DCC (Highways Department) a consistent source of employment by constantly having to organise remedial works.

Derreck Pinkney, School Aycliffe