The A.G.M. of G.A.R.A. took place last Thursday, and members of the Management Committee are: Chairman Syd Howarth, Vice Chairman Ken Robson (ACORN Residents’ Association) Treasurer Barry Hutchinson, Secretary Arun Chandran, Derek Atkinson, Bill Curtis, Bob Fleming, Paul Kjenstad Fr Michael Whalen, Chris Wheeler, plus affiliated members: Margaret Robson Friends of Senior Citizens (Neville Community Centre), and Friends of West Park, The Lakes & Dales Residents Association, Horndale Residents Association, plus 2 Representatives of Great Aycliffe Town Council’s  Youth Council. We always welcome  more people to join  the Committee. All  Organisations,  Charities, Interest Groups are invited to be affiliated  to Great Aycliffe Residents’ Association.  You will be entitled to one representative to serve on the Management Committee.
The Association seeks to work with Councillors and other public representatives for the good of the whole community. If there is something we can help you with, Come along have your say or contact:
Secretary: Tel 313224
Chairman: Tel 300212