No matter how enlightened we feel we are, we are still a work in progress, as such, incomplete when we or others sit in judgment on our progress. Luckily for us the universe never judges the size of our steps or the lack of progress made. It is content in the knowledge we are heading in the right direction and our inevitable arrival is secure. Our ignorance is hidden from us; what we don’t understand far outweighs what we hold to be true at any given moment in time. A chosen truth which makes us feel good about ourselves may or may not change, but our development certainly will, if not in the way we think. When we hold a belief so tightly and refuse to let go we are saying to the universe “On this thing I am complete and have no need or desire to move on and change’’.

For myself I am absolutely sure of . . . nothing. But life experience has shown me what I believe today as gospel may have to change tomorrow as the unknown is uncovered my level of compassion, knowledge and understanding change as it must if I truly believe I am a work in progress.

The racist, homophobic, the bigot, religious zealot, share an unshakeable belief they are right and you are wrong. They have created a belief that gives them comfort. The thought processes may be different, as will the outcome, but a belief is a feeling of certainty no matter what names you give it.

We have to challenge what we believe to be true as much as we challenge new or difficult truths. Spirituality is a personal thing, but it’s also about accepting there are different paths to enlightenment. The moment you become rigid in your views no matter how right you may feel, you are in danger of defending the old, the tried and tested instead of embracing the new. If our desire is a one of personal development, there can’t be any unchallengeable truths simply because they make us feel threatened or uncomfortable, and challenge what we have always held to be true.