It’s busy still and all hedgehogs here are doing ok. They are ready to go, but no rehabbers with any sense will be releasing ‘til spring. The reasons being, the ground is too hard which makes foraging for food impossible also it’s never stopped raining so there isn’t any dry bedding for nests. Wet bedding can make a hedgehog very poorly indeed. Nice hedgehog houses with support feeds, with kitten kibble, will help these mammals immensely so keep putting it out please.
Grannies Choice have a nice collection of hog houses, always worth a look inside.
Everyone’s donations have made a big difference to these lovely mammals, I have purchased food, medical supplies and also microscope slides. I have ordered two bottles of antibiotics from Grange Vets which will last for quite some time, they are very helpful antibiotics but expensive.
I would like to thank June for taking the time and trouble of making some blankets for these lovelies, they are a big hit with all hoggies here.
Have a good week everyone.
The British Hedgehog Preservation Society telephone number is 01584 890801. My Facebook page is: Prickly Haven Hedgehog Hotel. Email: