Ron Hogg, Durham Police and Crime Commissioner, gives his support to a new initiative aimed at using CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras to reduce parking problems around schools.
Seven councils in England are believed to be testing a new system to catch parents or guardians who park illegally when dropping off children during the school run.
Mr Hogg said: “Our children have a right to arrive at school and be collected safely, without the added danger of being knocked over due to illegal parking, or speeding, near schools.
“This is an area of real concern which I am addressing as part of my campaign to tackle road safety issues across County Durham and Darlington. I am working further with partners on this very important issue, which is common across many schools throughout the force area.
“I would ask all drivers in the vicinity of schools at these key times to take additional caution and to reduce their speed. It is also important to park with care and consideration.
Commenting on the CCTV initiative, Mr Hogg said: “Although this is happening elsewhere in the country, I am in full support of this approach. I look forward to seeing whether or not this encourages people to park further away from school instead of inconsiderately blocking footpaths, or illegally parking on double yellow lines”.
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