Over the past few weeks, the children from Year 1 at Sugar Hill Primary School have spread kindness throughout the local community. Small groups visited Neville Parade Community Centre, Aycliffe Care Home, St. Clare’s Care Home and Woodham Village Community Centre to work with local groups, residents and staff, making cards, planting bulbs, providing refreshments and singing songs.
In order to celebrate this work with parents and carers, the children then hosted a finale event in the town centre for all to come along to. The children shared kindness stickers, key rings with personally designed messages and hot soup. We enjoyed performing our songs and would like to thank everyone for coming along.
We would like to offer special thanks to the four venues, J & C Coaches, for providing transport for free; Shirley, the Community Champion from Tesco, who donated soup and buns, and the town centre management who kindly allowed us space to showcase our learning.
The Year 1 Team at Sugar Hill Primary School.